Karate–The Ultimate Discipline

As mentioned in some of my previous posts on this blog, there is a lot to gain when kids play games. More than just a fun activity, there is something that kids can learn and grow from that they can take with them once the fun and games are over. There are lots of things these days that teach kids… Read more →

The Greatest Rewards

There are obvious benefits in playing games for both kids as well as adults. Some of the benefits are hidden and not so obvious. The sheer fun and joy alone are enough to invest in playing a game or two a week with family and friends. We will explore some of the ways that playing games can help with making… Read more →

Card Games For The Kids

Everybody loves card games. It’s suitable for every season and occasion. Whether playing in bad weather or good weather. Playing indoors or outdoors or simply playing at home with your close family and friends or a huge party for entertainment, playing cards is a great way to inject some fun in every situation. Let’s take a look at some games… Read more →

Video Game Fun

Some might consider this a digital game of sorts but these kinds of games aren’t played on a traditional computer like a laptop, tablet or even a cell phone. These kinds of games have to be played on a console that it bought specifically for video games. Video games have evolved in so many different ways throughout the years and… Read more →

Water Games

Summer is a great time to play lots of fun games in the water. The best part is that you don’t need a sophisticated water system or even a pool to have fun in the water. One thing that is rarely mentioned is the safety of the water system that you use. Here is some great information on keeping your… Read more →

Water Volleyball For Kiddies

Water Volleyball is just another name for Volleyball except it’s in the water. You can play this game with either a team of people or as individuals. The teams must remain equal in number on each side in order to play this game. This high impact high energy game is ideal for kids who love sports or need more physical activity… Read more →

Best Digital Games For Kids

Living in a digital era is creating many new and exciting things in just about every area of our lives these days. Everything from a music download to locking your home using your phone, it’s clear that the digital tools that we have available help to improve our lives and make things much simpler to do. Although I don’t necessarily… Read more →

Dodge Ball–Water Balloon Style

  In the spirit of summer and all things hot, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog entry about the joys of water balloon games. This is obviously a game for pretty much all ages meaning kids and adults alike. Except of course if the kid is a newborn or something. There are lots of water balloon games to play that… Read more →


This game is one of my favorites, but then again I have a lot of favorites. Wait is that even possible? Anyways, I digress. This game is fun and exciting and requires the little ones to put their thinking caps on to win the game. This is a strategic game in nature and is fun for the whole family to play.… Read more →