Dodge Ball–Water Balloon Style

In the spirit of summer and all things hot, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog entry about the joys of water balloon games. This is obviously a game for pretty much all ages meaning kids and adults alike. Except of course if the kid is a newborn or something. There are lots of water balloon games to play that will… Read more →


This game is one of my favorites, but then again I have a lot of favorites. Wait is that even possible? Anyways, I digress. This game is fun and exciting and requires the little ones to put their thinking caps on to win the game. This is a strategic game in nature and is fun for the whole family to play.… Read more →

Monopoly Jr

Lots of us know this game and love it. It’s fun, exciting and can bring the competitive spirit out to play. Monopoly is one of my favorite games because players can learn while they play. It is especially good for kids because kids can learn some important lessons and avoid costly mistakes as adults if they play it enough. This… Read more →

Hide & Seek

When I was a kid, I loved outdoor games. I was especially good at tetherball and loved everything about that. But that’s another game for another time. I love outdoor games because it’s high energy and it gets the heart rate pumping and the blood flowing nicely. It’s always a good idea to play games that involve some form of… Read more →

Hot Potato

My husband and I enjoy having family gatherings and we love to have as much family over as possible. We often have bar-b-ques in the summer and dinner parties. We love to entertain our families but we especially love entertaining the kids and having fun with them. We recently had a get together with our families and we had lots… Read more →

Kids Love Games

As a mother of two small kids, I have found that I have to get creative on the games that the kids find fun and engaging. I remember when I was a kid myself, I liked to play lots of games and as a kid, I was very creative. It came pretty natural to me, but I guess that’s easy… Read more →